Calle Ibarra # 81, Colonia Centro, Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México.

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About Pátzcuaro

Hotel Pueblo Mágico is located in the beautiful colonial Pátzcuaro city, one of the most picturesque typical towns of Latin America, in the State of Michoacán, in México. Pátzcuaro is a real jewel of colonial architecture where you can see baroque and neoclassic style monuments in excellent conservation state. Patzcuaro won the category of "Pueblo Mágico" (Magical Town) in the year 2002

Fachada del Hotel Pueblo Mágico

Its adobe walls and tile roofs give the town a very special and particular appearance that harmonizes with its ancient squares and fountains. The warmth of its villagers creates a charming atmosphere that invites the visitor to come back. Pátzcuaro’s town hosts a population of approximately 48,000 inhabitants, from which 4,840 speak indigenous tongues.

Edificios en Pátzcuaro

The main economic activity is tourism and to a smaller extent, other activities such as fishing, wooden furniture manufacturing, textile crafts, cork products, wooden handicrafts, and artistic iron-work, silver jewelry, religious figurines and natural fibers handicrafts, among other materials.

Lago de Pátzcuaro

Pátzcuaro's Main Attractions

The main attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Pátzcuaro are, among others::

Basilica de nuestra señora de la salud

Pátzcuaro's surroundings

The main villages that you can visit in the Pátzcuaro Lake region are:

Convento de Tzintzuntzan